The Beijing Cooking School

Certificate of Excellence 2015 and 2016

Hutong Cuisine Cooking School



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There are 11 cooking bench in our kicthen, each one will have your own stove to cook your own foods.

Our chef Chao has been teaching the cooking class for 7 years, he speak good English and have good explain. because he is grew up in a Cantonese professional cook's family, so he was very like to cook. he use to live in Sichuan for several years and studied at the chef's school in Sichuan.
Beijing Cooking School was first opened by Miss Chunyi Zhou in 2006. At the time it was called Hutong Cuisine Cooking School. But in 2013 the name was changed to Beijing Cooking School to better reflect how it had grown.

Chunyi grew up in a professional cook's family, so food has always been important to her, but on a trip to Thailand, she saw how learning how to cook great food could form important memories for visitors. On top of that, it had became obvious to her that young people were relying more and more on restaurants for dinner and forgetting the joy of cooking for themselves. She believes that being able to use the kitchen is important for a good family life. It brings people love and happiness, as well as nutrition. It's the soul and pillar of the family.

On returning to China, Chunyi failed to find this kind of cooking class in Beijing, particularly anything that was accessible to English-speaking visitors, so she decided to open her own cooking school in Beijing. She invited her brother, Chao Zhou, to help her.

More than a decade on and Chunyi and Chao still love inviting guests into their kitchen to learn, eat traditional Chinese food together, and share Chinese culture

Voucher:For 10 classes = 3000 RMB ( You can share this voucher with others)
note: The voucher you can use it for class or table dinner

• Our School offers traditional Chinese cooking classes.
• We teach Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine,
  dumplings and other regional cuisines.
• English speaking in the classes.
From Tuesday to Sunday
• Condiments class(Optional):8:45am ~ 9:15am.
• Market tours(Optional): 9:15am ~ 10:30am (buy   ingredients)
• Cooking class: 10:30am ~ 2:00pm (Includes lunch & tea)

• You can enjoying your dinner while watch the chef prepare   foods.
•All beer, wine, drinks and coffee are free.

Date: Tuesday, Saturday
time: 6:30 pm ~ 10:00pm

 (Accept all kinds of party reservations)


Our Chef: Zhou Chao
phone number: 15811010508 or 01084014788
Address: Dongsi South Street,  Dengcao hutong  No.35